Life at Tabor is about exploring your faith and who you are in a decidedly Christian environment. And all of us here at Tabor, from the faculty to the student body, believe in all that is Tabor.

We know what you want. You want to be part of something you really believe in – academically, spiritually, and socially.

With that said, we’ve established a framework to help guide you as you grow. Students are encouraged to celebrate and discover who they are through various groups and activities, including Bible studies, residence hall fun, chapel, and special events planned throughout the year. Tabor is designed for the way you like to live, and the way you like to worship.

It’s about your journey – let us be your guide.


Preparing people for a life of learning, work, and service for Christ and His kingdom.


To be the college of choice for students who seek a life-transforming, academically excellent, globally relevant, and decidedly Christian education.


The core values that influence the mission and vision of Tabor College include a commitment to being Christ-centered in all aspects of life, a passion for learning, the promotion of service to others, and meaningful involvement in college and community activities.


The primary value of Tabor College is its desire to be a Christ-centered school. All activities and programs flow out of this value and are evaluated in reference to it. The Mennonite Brethren Confession of Faith provides the biblical and theological foundation for Tabor.


The purpose of Tabor is to promote learning. We recognize that learning occurs in informal settings, in the classroom, and in organized field experiences. Our goal is to develop students who are broadly educated, competent and well-rounded, who embrace the joy of learning.


We believe that being engaged and involved increases learning. Participation, both in and outside of the formal classroom, is an effective way to prepare students for a life of work and service.


Tabor values community. We desire our school to be a place where individuals feel like they belong, where there is a sense of mutual support and students hold each other accountable.


Service is at the heart of Christ-centered education. We emphasize the value of caring for others in all that we do.